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Using the latest Autodesk & Chief Architect products,

What 1Drafting can do for you..

Complete House plans including elevations

3-D Model Assemblies

Precision Machined Parts

Architectural Floor plans

3-D  Plumbing

Solid Model and Detailed 2-D

manufacturing drawings

Civil Engineering Details

Dry Well

Architectural Wall Section

Architectural Building Elevation's

Land Surveying (Long Island, NY)

Septic Tank and Cesspool details

Architectural Elevations 

Architectural Floorplans

Steel part created from 2-D DXF file

2-D Inventor assembly drawing

Create your logo

Large Weldment CNC Parts

Condo Floor Plans

Section views of houses

Deck Plans

House Floor Plan

Floor Plans

House Floor Plan

Proposed Floor Plans from a sketch

House Floor Plan


House Floor Plan


House Floor Plan


House Floor Plan

Structural Building Drawing

House Floor Plan

Custom Doorways

House Floor Plan

Custom Interiors

House Floor Plan

Custom Exteriors

1D Cape open_edited.jpg

3D Floor Plan

Let me help you with all your drafting and design needs. 

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