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Freelance CAD Drafting

2D and 3D Services

1Drafting LLC

(863) 824-5080

Freelance 2-D & 3-D CAD

Internet Drafting Services

Online one on one CAD Training via Join-Me

Free estimates.

Fast turnaround. Usually 2-3 days on small jobs. 

No job to small. Mechanical, Machined parts, Electrical schematics, Land Surveys, Sheet metal Flat patterns, Architectural floor plans and elevations, Assemblies, 3-D printed prototypes, 3-D models, 3-D PDF's. Anything that you can sketch, I can make it into a CAD 3-d model or 2-D manufacturing drawing.

Your Sketch to your CAD Drawing via email.

Allow me be your part time drafter and part of your team.

Guaranteed. Thank you.

Freelance CAD Drafting Services

      At 1Drafting LLC., our goal is to provide timely finished 2-D AutoCAD manufacturing & 3-D Inventor Solid Model drawings per your specifications, sketches and input. Machined parts are my specialty, however, I am a full-service freelance drafting company. Floor plans, schematics, piping, casework and any kind of shop drawings that you may need.  All your drafting services are done via internet per your sketches, phone calls and notes. If you can sketch it, I can create a CAD drawing for you. Turn around time is quick. I work evenings and weekends to get your job done fast.  Please email me at 


My expertise include all types of AutoCAD drawings using the latest version of software. I can help you with all phases of your drafting requirements. I offer 3-D Inventor  solid modeling with complete 2-D detail manufacturing drawings. Also architectural floor plans and 3D building views using Chief Architect software.   Ready to help you get your drawings finished, correct and on time. Please email me at


 Mechanical machined parts drafting and solid modeling are available worldwide, wherever there is internet.

If you are new to AutoCAD we can come to you and help you with quick lessons to get you started. We can also make you more productive with customization of tool palette and menu. Our excellent reputation, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity is what stands us apart from the rest. We are all ready to help you complete your job on time and within budget. Just drop us a line at

Remember, don't struggle with trying to teach yourself AutoCAD, let us teach you.  We can get you up to speed quickly. If you don't have an AutoCAD license, let us help you. We have full commercial licenses of AutoCAD & Inventor, all on annual subscription and always use the most current version. We can do your drawings for you. Let us be part of your team.

Let's discuss your ideas.

Your free no obligation consultation is just a email away.

Freelance CAD Drafting Service

Using the latest version of Officially Licensed

 Commercial Autodesk software.

Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Sheet Metal, Solid Modeling , AutoCAD Tutoring, Customization and Standardization.

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